Relest is an auction rental platform for real estate. Landlords post the list and renters their place to rent this property. In addition to placing many auctions, there is the possibility of installing regular ads there. The platform consists of websites and apps for Android and iOS.

This system includes a function to calculate the travel time from rented real estate to the desired tenant location (eg workplace), calculate the optimal real estate prices (based on data analysis), 3D room images, user accounts for exchange of receipts for services and chat between owners and tenants, and other functions. User accounts and chats are provided with a subscription.

This platform offers the opportunity to pay rent in its own crypto — REST that can be converted into banknotes on your card and vice versa in user accounts. The user can add his bank card to perform the operation with fiat; The exchange process will be supported by integration with crypto exchange. The advantages of this platform are payments with REST without commissions that are differentiated from bank wire transfers.


Current system:

  1. No p2p payment: System gets a certain fee
  2. Just plain advertising: No auction for real estate rental
  3. No international service: There is no international service for long-term real estate rental
  4. No user account: No user account for interaction between landlord and tenant


  1. Auction platform: This system is beneficial to both landlords, tenants, and realtors
  2. User accounts: User accounts to exchange receipts for services and chats between owners and tenants
  3. Useful features: Useful features such as 3D room images, travel time calculation, optimal rental rates calculation (based on data analysis)
  4. P2P Payments: Payments with RealStState Token — REST at no cost whatsoever, which can be converted into banknotes on bank cards and vice versa in user accounts.
  5. Subscribe: Subscribe to optional service
  6. Web / iOS / Android app: Web, iOS and Android platforms


Symbol: REST.

One token REST = 0.001 ETH.

Standard etereum ERC20.

Total Supply: all tokens sold during ICO will be equal to 70% of all REST issued.

ICO Token Relest:

First 2 hours: 1.5 REST = 0.001 ETH (+ 50%).

First day: 1.3 REST = 0.001 ETH (+ 30%).

Day 2–7: 1.15 REST = 0.001 ETH (+ 15%).

Day 8–14: 1 REST = 0.001 ETH.

ICO begins September 18.

Token Distribution:

Token Sales — 70%

Developer team — 27%

Bounty Campaign — 3%

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