We are Prosume Energy Foundation, a non-profit organization intent on revolutionizing the way individuals exchange energy.


Alvin Toffler said it back in 1980 and he nailed it on the head-- the future is prosumer. That future is here.


It won't be long before individual consumers, energy communities and businesses will all exchange and sell energy more efficiently and sustainably, maximizing the use of locally produced renewable sources. Decentralized, decarbonized and digitalized prosumer policies is the only possible future for energy.


As of the 27th of September, our pre-ICO has officially started. To participate in the event, go here: prosume.io/participate


The Prosume Energy Foundation has developed a platform to exchange electricity from renewable and fossil sources. It connects independent power producers, consumers, innovative utility companies and energy communities in a locally shared market where each peer is free to interact in a multi-tenant ecosystem.


The mission is to promote decentralizing power models and empower energy communities through the blockchain technology and the implementation of peer to peer energy exchange policies targeting possible solutions for all the existing physical and legal energy framework barriers, investing in Research & Development to offer innovative hardware and IoT-devices related to smart metering, smart grid, energy routers and devices.


Visit our site for more information: https://prosume.io